Wireless Policy…

Please take a moment to review the following information about our wireless network. Doing so will help that everyone can enjoy the free wireless service equally. Failure to adhere to this guidelines will result in a ban from library service, not limited to a ban from wireless access.

Security Issues

Once you login, all further communications are passed through the Internet without encryption. We cannot guarantee the security of any personal information submitted over the wireless connection after you login.

Special Notes

In accordance with the Child Information Protection Act (CIPA), wireless web browsing must comply with our Internet policy. To help enforce this policy, all wireless computers are filtered.

Use of file sharing programs is not allowed.

The wireless service is only for web surfing. The wireless network does not support the use of POP3, IMAP of other e-mail services. If you need to check your e-mail, please do so from the web.

If you normally use a different Wi-Fi network (with a different SSID) your computer may not find our network automatically.

Only 802.11ac (compatible with ac, b, g and n wireless cards) is available. Bluetooth, and other wireless protocols are not supported.

Only HTTP and HTTPS communication to standard ports (80, 443) is supported. FTP, POP, and nonstandard HTTP and HTTPS ports cannot be used with the service.

Library staff are unable to provide technical support.